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We met when we were 15 years old, well, one of us was 15. The other one was muuuuucchhh older (like maybe 16). Our paths didn't cross again until almost another 15 years later through the beautiful world of Facebook, where we noticed we shared a sarcastic bent in our humor. We also happened to be mothers of young children, equally going crazy, losing our sanity a little more each day that passed. We must have really connected on some senile level, because it wasn't long before we were talking daily and then somehow or other starting a business together.

We are both founders of iTRI365, a timing and event management company which maintains our ridiculous antics and also manages the Diva Dus. We learned early on we were a good fit in working together. We're like the perfectly blended red wine. And we like to drink a perfectly blended red wine. What can we say?

But, seriously. One thing we ended up doing during our friendship is hold space for one another for personal growth. And during this journey, we both found a heart for helping women break out of the mindset that they were second to everyone and everything in their lives. We spent hours upon hours helping one another figure out why we struggled so much with our self-worth and putting our needs to the forefront. Both of us being mothers with daughters, we knew we had to teach our girls self-awareness, self-confidence and self-worth however we could. By example seemed to make sense. 

We'd like to sound all altruistic about the creation of the Diva Du, that it was born wholly out of a determination to set a path for our amazing offspring. But alas, the truth is that deep down we wanted to make a difference as long as it included wine in some form or fashion. So, we set out to a local winery to see if we could have an event there. Made sense. We're moms. Wine kept us sane. A women's only event at a winery just made sense.

We had no idea just how much of an impact it would make. We realized, "Holy shit. Women need this!" We started to pour more of ourselves into it. We fell in love with the fact that we could actually make a difference. We realized so many other women out there just needed permission to do something for themselves. And we also realized that if you made it fun and not too big, women relaxed.

When we started getting feedback on how empowered, encouraged and equipped these women left us, we knew it was special and it needed to be shared in more than one place.

And, that's our goal.

Cori & Em