Sprint, Olympic, Relay and 5k

The Diva Du is a race experience designed to help women build confidence and feel empowered without the intimidation, competitive atmosphere or comparison mentality. The brainchild of founders Cori Moore and Emerald Bragg, this race was meant to be about the fun! What you are guaranteed to experience is inclusion, encouragement, energy coupled with food, drinks (wine, when possible!) and great swag! 

As an endurance athlete and coach, Cori found herself spending a lot of time with women who were new to endurance sports and multi-sports. Having learned so many things the hard way with cycling, she set out to create a race series that helped women learn how to cycle, how to prepare for races and created a community where a woman could get outside her comfort zone without feeling judged.

"It's always my hope that a participant will gain confidence, realize just how amazing she is and let that spill into the rest of her life."